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Do you have a link to share?

If you have a link you would like to share and possible have added to the site, simply email Matt here. Please let me know who you are, the link for the clip, and which unit of study it could support. After reviewing the video I’ll add it to the site.

Do you have an author or illustrator visiting your school?

Author visits to schools are a great way for authors to share about their process. If an author is visiting your school you could schedule a time (as short as 5 minutes) to interview them. I’ve included a list of possible questions below. You can also print a PDF of the questions here. Here are some things to consider:

  • You don’t need sophisticated video equipment, but sound is important. If you don’t have a microphone, you can use the microphone on your phone, tablet, or camera, but you need to make sure you are in a quiet room.
  • Let the author or illustrator know that these clips will be used by teachers with students, so they should consider their audience when answering.
  • Let the author know that the clips will be posted to my Vimeo site and can’t be downloaded. If you would like to host the clip and have me link to it, let the author know.
  • Be sure to share this website link with them and let them know they can contact me with any questions. I want to make sure they are very comfortable with any videos we link to or post.

Possible Interview Questions

Author/Illustrator Questions

Unit of Study: Where Writers Find Ideas

Where do you find ideas for writing projects?

How much do your ideas change from beginning to end?

What do you do when you’re stuck?

Do you ever abandon ideas or projects?

Unit of Study: Using a Writer’s Notebook

How do you use your writer’s notebook?

Do you always have your notebook with you?  What if you don’t have it with you and you want to remember something?

How often do you write in your notebook?

What kinds of things do you put in your notebook?

How much of what you collect in your notebook do you use?  Why is it important to collect more stuff than you might use?

Unit of Study: Planning

Where do you plan your writing? In a notebook?  In your head? Somewhere else?

Why do you think it’s important to think ahead in your writing?

Do you always think ahead or do you sometimes just write to see where it takes you?

At what point do you organize your writing?

Do you like planning?

How much do your plans change from beginning to end?

Unit of Study: How to Have Better Peer Conferences

Who do you talk with about your writing?

What does the person you talk with most often do to make your conversations helpful?

Why is it important for you to talk to others about your writing?  How is it helpful?

When do you talk to others about your writing/project?  Before you start?  In the middle? When you’re almost done?  Throughout?

How do you feel when someone gives you feedback you don’t agree with?  Do you ever try it anyway to see how it works?

Unit of Study: Revision

Do you like to revise?

Why is it important to revise?

Do you ever try a revision and then change it back?

Which is hardest for you: adding, deleting, changing, moving? Easiest?