Revision is an important part of the writing process, but some students are reluctant to revise. These clips can help your students see the importance of revision for authors at any age.

Author Georgia Heard

Georgia Heard- Author

Georgia talks about how “writing is revision and revision is writing.”
Author Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies-Author

Nicola talks about why revision is incredibly important, and which parts or revision are easier and harder for her.
Author Ralph Fletcher

Ralph Fletcher-Author

Ralph talks about the types of revisions that are harder, and the type of revision he does most often.
Author Will Hillenbrand

Will Hillenbrand-Author/Illustrator

Will explains how “the writing is in the revision”.

Lester Laminack-Author

“The last thing we do in a story is the first thing your reader sees.”

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater-Author

Amy talks about how writing poetry has influenced how she revises in different genres.

Barbara O’Connor-Author

Barbara talks about how knowing herself as a writer helps her revise.

Mo Willems 2:29-3:26

Mo talks about the importance of revision and problem solving when he writes.

Jacqueline Woodson-Author 1:30-1:55

Jacqueline talks about how she revises as she writes and the importance of reading her writing aloud.

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