Peer Conferring

Talking with others about your writing

Authors talk about their writing with different people, at different times, and in different ways. The conversations authors and illustrators have with their editors are built on the same principles students need to talk with their peers. These clips can help your students understand the benefits of talking about their writing and help them have better conversations.

Author Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies – Author

Nicola talks about how she “road tests” her writing with two friends and on children to work out all of the kinks.
Author Ralph Fletcher

Ralph Fletcher – Author

Ralph talks about the need to talk with someone who is helpful, sympathetic and who really gets you as a writer.
Author Will Hillenbrand

Will Hillenbrand – Author/Illustrator

Will shares how he waits until later in the process to carefully share his writing with a friend he trusts.

Lester Laminack- Author

Lester talks about the importance of talking with a partner you trust so you can be completely vulnerable.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Amy shares how it helps to hear other people read her writing.

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