Using a Writer’s Notebook

Writers use notebooks in many different ways. The key is that they are using their notebook to help them produce pieces of writing. Listen to how these authors use their notebooks.

Author Georgia Heard

Georgia Heard-Author

Georgia shares how she uses her notebook to grow ideas, play with language, and think about structure.
Author Nicola Davies

Nicola Davies-Author

Nicola shares her two notebooks, one for words and one for illustrations.

Lester Laminack-Author

Lester shares how he collects all sorts of things in his notebook even if he isn’t sure he will ever use them.

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater-Author

“Having a notebook makes me pay better attention.” “If I hadn’t jotted it down I wouldn’t have remembered it.”

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater- Part 2

Amy shows different types of notebooks and talks about how she uses her notebook.

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