Students can learn about an author’s craft by studying a stack of texts.  An author’s process can feel hidden since it isn’t spelled out on the page.  On this site I’ve collected links to video clips of authors talking about their process.  These clips can be used as a part of any writing workshop unit of study, but they will be particularly helpful in supporting certain process studies. You’ll find clips here related to five units: Finding Ideas, Using a Writer’s Notebook, Planning, Peer Conferring and Revision. You’ll notice that some of the clips can be used in more than one unit.  For example, in the clip of Will Hillenbrand in the Peer Conferring section, he mentions how he finds ideas and uses his notebook as well as who he talks to about his writing. 

I’ll be adding links periodically- some already available online, and some from interviews I’m conducting, so check back often. Find me on Twitter @mattglover123 for updates. I’ve started with these units but hope to expand to include links related to additional units.

You can help add to the collection as well.  If you know of a link/clip that could be added to this site, click on the link on the right under Want To Help. Also, if you are having an author or illustrator visit your school and would be willing to interview them and share the video (with their permission of course), click on the link on the right for possible interview questions.  You might even have students interview the author (see the Nicola Davies clips.)

This site was sparked by my interest in the role of choice in increasing student engagement.  My hope is that these clips help your students strengthen their identities as authors.


This website was created by Matt Glover with the support of Erik Wallace. You can see the services Erik provides here.