Teach Your Students to Read Like Writers in Whole Class Craft Study

Thursday January 21, 7:00-8:30 PM EST

Presented by Carl Anderson and Matt Glover

It’s important that students learn to read like writers.  When students can read in this way, they notice how writers craft their writing with the goal being that they will use the craft techniques they notice in their own writing.  In short, students who can read like writers can teach themselves about the craft of writing, today and in the future.

Join Carl Anderson and Matt Glover to learn how to enhance your units of study by doing whole-class craft study, onsite or online, so that students learn how to read like writers.   You can add this kind of study into any craft unit during several workshop periods, whether it’s a genre study, illustration study, punctuation study, etc., and in any grade.  During this webinar Carl and Matt will:

  • Discuss the concept of reading like a writer, model it for participants, and then give participants practice with this kind of reading.
  • Talk about the steps of a whole-class craft study, and when it can be done in a craft unit.
  • Discuss how long whole craft study should be, depending on whether you teach primary or upper grade students.
  • Discuss how to select appropriate mentor texts to use in whole-class craft study.
  • Talk about the different kinds of craft studies, and how to adjust a whole-class craft study to help you and your students meet the goals of these units.

Cost: $25

The webinar will take place using Zoom. When you register we will email you the Zoom link a few days before the webinar.

To register and pay with a credit card, please submit the information below. When you click submit, you will be taken to the Stripe portal for payment, so please only press submit if you would like to make your payment now. If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact link on this site.