Ready to Teach: Support for Teacher of Readers and Writers in Workshop Classrooms

Matt Glover and Kathy Collins have designed courses of study to help teachers start the school year both familiar and comfortable with the research-based practices of workshop teaching, child-centered principles of supporting readers and writers, and ideas for creating classrooms where children’s literacies thrive.

Our goal is to provide essential and practical support to teachers who are new to your school so they can quickly align with the work of their colleagues and start the school year with confidence.

Courses Offered

  • COURSE 1: Where Do I Begin? Jumping Into Reading and Writing Workshop
  • COURSE 2: Refresh Your Approach to Workshop Teaching
  • COURSE 3: Right From the Start: Support Our Youngest Children’s Literacies (Preschool)

All summers courses have:

  • 1 90 minute reading session
  • 1 90 minute writing session
  • Each session repeated at multiple dates/times during the summer

Option: Add On Follow Up Sessions

  • 2 one hour follow up sessions in the fall, one writing, one reading
  • 2 one hour follow up sessions in the fall, one reading, one writing
  • Follow up sessions offered at different dates/times

Option: Add On Custom Session- Follow up sessions customized to your school, dates, times and focus.

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