Parent Resources

Hi Parents. Supporting your children is difficult at any time. We are creating some videos that we hope make things a bit easier during this challenging time. If you have topics you’d like to see addressed, please let us know. You can use the Contact link on this site.

Writing Workshop Support for Parents Part 2

LaNesha Tabb helps parents understand the writing process and how it can be used at home.

Writing Workshop Support for Parents Part 1

LaNesha Tabb helps parents understand the writing process and how it can be used at home.

Teaching vs. Reminding, Telling, Correcting

While reminding, telling, and correcting are fine, they’re different than teaching. If our goal is to teach, then we need to show a model..

Nudging and Honoring Approximations

Nudging development and honoring approximations are important concepts for every learner, at any age.

Part 1. Supporting Word Making

Matt Glover shares the downside of writing for children and helps parents understand work making development.

Part 2. Supporting Word Making

In Part 2 Matt shares ideas about what to do when a child says “Will you write this for me?”

Supporting Young Readers Before (and after) They Can Read Words

Kathy Collins shares ideas about the importance of children reading books using the pictures.

Language Development for Very Young Children

Educator and parent Candace Nortey shares how to make books that support literacy and language development for babies.

The Importance of Making Books

Matt Glover talks about why book making is crucial for young writers.

Book Making is Fun and Powerful

LaNesha Tabb and her daughter Lillian show parents how easy it is to start making books.

Downtime Part 1

Kathy Collins shares her thinking on issues related to children’s downtime.

Downtime Part 2

Kathy Collins

Downtime Part 3

Kathy Collins shares practical suggestions for handling children’s downtime.

Supporting Spelling at Home

Matt shares several reasons why he usually doesn’t spell for children, and ways to respond to “How do you spell…?”

Finding Topics for Books

Authors of any age need the ability to find meaningful topics. Matt shares strategies for helping students find topics.

Choice of Genre

Choice of genre directly impacts engagement.

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