Five Strategies for Assessing Student Writers Online (or Onsite), So that You Energize Your Students, and Know Exactly What to Teach Them

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The most important purpose for assessing student writers is to identify their emerging strengths, and figure out what we can teach to help them build on them.  Effective assessment also results in students being energized by the feedback they receive from us, so that they enthusiastically embrace the teaching we do to help them move forward as writers.

Join Carl Anderson and Matt Glover to learn five strategies for assessing students, online or onsite. During this webinar Carl and Matt will:

  • Discuss the importance of conferring with students, online or onsite, which is the best time to do formative assessment and give students powerful feedback about where they are as writers and explain next steps;
  • Talk about how to see students’ strengths as writers; 
  • Explain how to give students precise feedback about what they can do as writers; 
  • Discuss how to assess students through the lenses of the qualities of writing and the writing process;
  • Explain how to decide upon teaching points that extend student strengths in conferences, as well as mini-lessons and small groups.

Cost: $25

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